Release notes

Release note 1.14.0

We have made some improvements to the PDMR-module in the issuer version:
In December 2017 we released a module for management of ”persons discharging managerial responsibilities” often called PDMRs. It is offered as an optional add on-module at an additional monthly fee for those customers who see a benefit in automating also this management. Contact to order or learn more.

In version 1.14.0 we have made several improvements to this module:

You can now set up to four different dates for future financial reports, i.e. the company’s entire financial calendar, in order to send an automatic reminder email to the PDMRs about the closed period before the report.

The standard setting to send the reminder 30 days before each report date can be modified under Settings.

There’s a new ”Export”-button in the PDMR-module which provides an  overview of all PDMRs and their closely associated physical and legal persons. You’ll also find a history log showing when a PDMR and its closely associated persons has been added, updated or deleted.

We’ve also made some changes to the process of removing a PDMR from the list. This now includes a confirmation step, to avoid that a PDMR is accidentally removed. Once the PDMR is removed he/she will be notified by email.

Finally, we have updated the template for the email that is sent when adding a new PDMR. Your email templates are never automatically updated, since we don’t want to risk overwriting any adjustments that you’ve made to it. To get the latest template, go under Settings, click the New_PDMR tab and press ”Reset template” down to the right to get the new template and then ”Save template” to store it.