When you are asked to provide your National-ID number, the format you should fill in depends on your nationality. Please refer to the table below for the different priority identifiers in your country.

At the bottom of the page, you will find information on what to do if the table states that you should use CONCAT as the identifier.

[ninja_tables id=”1491″]

Where the identifier refers to CONCAT, the person shall be identified by using the concatenation of the following elements in the following order:

(a) the date of birth of the person in the format YYYYMMDD;
(b) the five first characters of the first name;
(c) the five first characters of the surname.

Prefixes to names shall be excluded and first names and surnames shorter than five characters shall be appended by ‘#’ so as to ensure that references to names and surnames in accordance with paragraph 4 contain five characters. All characters shall be in upper case. No apostrophes, accents, hyphens, punctuation marks or spaces shall be used.

John Engholm is born on December 5, 1985. His CONCAT is 19851205JOHN#ENGHO
Melissa Smith is born on July 3, 1972. Her CONCAT is 19720703MELISSMITH