Import contact information


You can now import existing information about insiders to InsiderLog so that when you add them to an insider list the first time, their information will already be pre-filled and they just need to confirm it.

Click here to download a template for how your data needs to be structured for the import to work. The first line includes examples of how the information about each insider should be formatted.

Phone numbers should be in the international format without spaces, dots or dashes +46702644742

Birth dates should be in the format YYYY-MM-DD

Make sure not to change the file format when you save it. The file must be a .csv file with UTF8-encoding and separated by semicolon. You can use Excel or Numbers to edit it, but when you save the file it shouldn’t be as an .xls or .numbers file.

Some older versions of Excel might not be able to save with the UTF8-encoding. You should then either update your Excel version or you could use some other software like Open Office to edit and save the file.

Please contact if you encounter any issues.